Vanguard EP

by Zetkin

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Wayne Young
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Wayne Young Guys I really enjoyed this LP. Alot of times I choose music by the Album cover alone. I believe it helps set the atmosphere and this one did. It reminded me of the project done by Max Cavalera called Nailbomb. Great job guys I really dig it. 5 stars!!!!
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Speaking of D-beat, there’s certainly a little of that evil rhythm in Austria’s Zetkin. On their Vanguard EP, the band sounds absolutely furious, as if their teeth are cracked but that just makes their jagged grins more intimidating. Melody bubbled up through the crust, but where a band like Martyrdod might take that opportunity to go for an epic black metal sound, Zetkin recall Exodus at their most toxic and waltzing. If Power Trip is looking for an opener on an upcoming European tour, I think I know who they ought to call.


Zetkin hail from Vienna, Austria, and their first and only release is an EP named Vanguard that came out in May of last year. The four songs are politically charged honorariums to “the militant working class action, from the trenches of World War I to the tunnels of Vietnam”. Apart from its political inspirations, the music is a hell of a head rush.

The songs are a hybrid of Bay-Area thrash, d-beat crust/punk, and the buzzsaw brutishness and suppurating gruesomeness of early Swedish death-metal, with raw, red-eyed vocal fury. And as you might be able to imagine from considering those ingredients, the songs are skull-battering, steamrolling, rampaging, mouldering, and seriously head-nodding, and you’ll find some sweet soloing in here as well.

In a nutshell, Vanguard is bursting at the seams with electrifying energy and it packs a mean punch (it will keep you off-balance in other ways too).


Zetkin is a Vienna, Austria based band who formed in early 2016, from the looks of things. Zetkin play a vicious and brutal as fuck style of music that incorporates elements of hardcore, punk, crust, metal, and thrash within their sound. Zetkin's sound can be best described as being heavily influenced by early Bay area thrash, crust, metal, punk, and early Swedish death metal. Vanguard is the band's debut four song 12", which was released via Per Koro records on May 8th, 2016. On Vanguard, Zetkin offer up four tracks of pulverizing and vicious as fuck sounding hardcore, punk, crust, metal, and thrash. Overall, Vanguard makes for a killer listen. Highly recommended! Enjoy!


Son tres músicos que actuan con pasamontañas en la Viena de los Mozart y la cuna de la música clásica. Tres encapuchados que buscan seguir la estela de bandas como Trenchgrinder o After The Bombs. Es una banda de reciente creación que mezcla el Thrash con el Hardcore Punk y el Crust.
Imagínate mezclar los Sodom con los Discharge, pues ese cóctel molotov es el que propone este trio, pisan fuerte y apuntan alto. Beacon es el primer tema, un mediotiempo con un ritmo de batería machacón típico del Hardcore Punk. Cantante con muchísima actitud y que transmite garra en cada nota, simplemente se desgañita en cada nota. Nos encontramos también con un cruce entre Crust y Thrash de lo mas efectivo. El riff tiene garra y transmite mucha agresividad, surgen de vez en cuando distorsión en la guitarra que lo que hace es ensuciar el tema, algo que les favorece para recrear una atmósfera sucia, mugrienta y típica del metal extremo mas agresivo.
En cuanto a su parte mas Thrash me recuerdan mucho a los canadienses Soothsayer. Vanguard es un mediotiempo donde surgen coros por primera vez en el plástico. Un riff alargado y con una tonalidad grave para acompañar ese estribillo con coros y el clásico cambio de ritmo del Thrash ochentero mas brutal, pensar en los Soothsayer, Deathrow, Morbid Saint...etc. Un ritmo machacón y a mediotiempo antes de lanzar un solo limpio con sentimiento y cierta técnica.
Tunnel Brigade arranca con distorsión en las guitarras algo muy típico del crust. En este tema se pasan a los D- Beats por primera vez en el plástico, por momentos rozan el Death/ Thrash de bandas como los Protector. La verdad es que los ritmos son bien sencillos pero te atrapan. Los temas son cortos y se permiten el lujo de añadir un pasaje Doom a este corte que le queda de auténtico lujo, logra recrear una atmósfera brutal y además, es un tema clave en este trabajo pues deja una ventana abierta para que entren otro tipo de influencias en futuras producciones, es una banda que practica Crust/ Thrash, pero que está abierta a otros estilos como Doom/ Death.
Trenches arranca con el ruido de una sirena antibombardeo y le sigue el ritmo mas sucio de todo el trabajo. La producción es austera, algo que lógicamente beneficia al sonido de la banda, le da otro impacto, un auge agresivo que hace que los temas, pese a su sencillez compositiva, logren transmitir muchas sensaciones.
Zetkin son una agradable sorpresa. Una mezcla muy agresiva entre Thrash y Crust y una ventana abierta a hacer algo mucho mas ambicioso en el futuro. Una de las grandes sorpresas de los últimos tiempos y una banda con un futuro brillante, con trabajo y fe en su música pueden convertirse en un pilar de la escena underground.



released May 8, 2016



all rights reserved


Zetkin Vienna, Austria

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Track Name: Beacon
Blind and deaf, far too long
Made to suffer, trodden on
As the walls kept closing in, signified, kept in line
You wanted us: dehumanized

Isolated, but as one
No way out but through
Facing death, still we fight, for dignity and with pride
This fire: a beacon of life

You built a prison, we made it our fortress

Our revolt, a proof of life
Bearing witness to the fight

With the noose around our neck, we`ll still kick your teeth in
Our hands tied behind our back, we will make you pay
With the noose around our neck, we`ll still kick your teeth in
Our hands tied behind our back, we’ll still make you pay

We will make you pay!
Track Name: Vanguard
Narrow minds, no escape, oppression rules
Factory floor, lecture hall, court room and school
The secret to your riches is the war that you began
but as we rise we`ll make your life another Vietnam

We are the vanguard, this is a spark

Fascist pigs patrol the streets - We´ll take em out
Managers trading death - We´ll take em out
Death camp guards holding court - We´ll take em out
Racist thugs in uniform - We´ll take em out

We are the Vanguard, this is a spark
You are the fire, flames in the dark

Prison kills, hunger strike, losing time
Breaking out, hidden guns, clandestine
Fake IDs, robbing banks, hit and run
Training camps, hand grenades, scorching sun

Isolated, locked away, you thought you won
But we write the rules of war as we go along
supported by the people we can`t lose
next time you see your friends, they`ll be on the news

We are the Vanguard, this is a spark
Even if they kill us, we will leave our mark
Track Name: Tunnel Brigade
Mirrors and smoke, no use for a map
No honour for thieves, you`ll die in our trap
Our shadows mean death, we hunt like the fox
Conquer and kill, you`ll leave in a box

Fuck your bombs
This means doom
We are the ghosts
building your tomb

Veins of resistance, supply lines of pain
We rise from the earth, your tactics inane
The napalm burns out, your nightmare goes on
Fever and visions until you are gone

Fuck your bombs
This means doom
We are the ghosts
building your tomb

Fields of fire
Tunnels of dread
Billows of smoke
Brigade of the dead
Track Name: Trenches
Stuck in the trenches, covered in mud
Gritting your teeth, smelling the blood
Die for the rich, poisonous gas,
blinded by fear, you kill your own class

Working class war!

Assembly line, minimum wage
Too tired to think, bottled up rage
Rise from the trenches!
Step out of line!

Work for the rich, breaking your back
Enough is enough, time to strike back
Rise from the trenches!
Step out of line!

Working class war!